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Inline inspection of cleanliness

Reliable and Robust:

Reliable and robust


Cleanliness inspection prior to bonding, painting, coating, welding and hardening


Layer thickness inspection of corrosion protection oils, when applying a primer prior
to adhesive bonding


Inline measurement contact-free, non-destructive, layer thickness sensitive


- Detection of filmic contamination:
contact less, non-destructive, layer thickness sensitive
- For process analysis and -optimisation
- Documented process quality
- Flexible system solution
- Scalable to multisensor system

Automation solution combinable with robotics

Product description

The system solution SITA clean line CI can be customised to the inspection tasks due to its modular hardware and software concept.

The software SITA ProcessControl uses real-time capable automation components for control and data processing. The system can be customised depending on the requirements using different interfaces for integration in the higher-level process control as well as operating and display devices.

The system solution is easily scalable: from compact systems with one sensor to multisensor systems for complex tasks, e.g. several production lines can be monitored centrally.

For integration we cooperate with your automation and robotics partners. In a joint analysis our SITA application engineers develop the SITA clean line system solution to fit your application.

Measuring principle

The measuring method uses the characteristic of organic substances to fluoresce. UV light is focused and radiated onto the surface. The contamination fluoresces. The intensity of the fluores-cence increases with the layer thickness of the contamination. The intensity is measured in RFU: Relative Fluorescence Unit.

The lower the measuring values in RFU, the cleaner the surface.

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Line Scan Continual monitoring of band surface cleanliness with one or more sensors

Surface Scan Detecting the cleanliness profile of part surfaces with an X-Y positioning system

Free Form Scan Measuring the cleanliness of part surfaces with a 3D positioning system


Practical examples

Inspection of band steel

High cleanliness standards for the coating of band steel assure a high coating quality in the process. SITA clean line CI measures fluorescence continually and detects even the smallest amounts of contamination.

The cleaning process can immediately be interrupted when cleanliness values fall below defined limit values.

Inspection of wires, tubes, steel strip

Inspection of aluminium die-cast parts prior to adhesive bonding

Here you can find further application examples [..]

Technical data

Measuring Range 0…2,000 RFU
Measuring deviation Maximum 0.5% of measuring range
Excitation 365 nm, max. 150mW
Detection 460 nm**
Measuring distance 4.7 mm**
Diameter measuring point 1 mm**
Sample rate up to 100 Hz
Surface speed max. 10 m/s
Dimensions (HxWxD) 95 mm x 50 mm x 30 mm
Weight 200 g
Interface RS-485
Power supply 24 V

* Relative Fluorescence Unit

** Standard optics

Real-time capable industrial PC in control cabinet
EtherCAT-based (Software PLC)
Hardware modules for input and output interfaces
Optional touch display

Control of multiple sensors

SITA-ProcessControl Data processing and data visualisation

Sensor calibration
Software modules for sensors and interfaces

Software utilities for data analysis and networked storage



Individuelles Zubehör für die berührungslose Messung der Teileauflage, Abstandshalter für verschiedenste Teilegeometrien, zur Geräteprüfung sowie zur Reinigung der Sensoroptik finden Sie hier:

Prospekt Zubehör Fluoreszenz


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