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Robust conductivity measuring technique for monitoring concentration

Reliable monitoring of

- Concentration of the cleaner component Builder for dosage according to consumption
- Carry-over of contamination in rinsing baths

Product description

Process measuring technology to reliably measure the conductivity of cleaning and rinsing baths as basis for an automatic and suitable dosage of the Builder component of the cleaner and for controlling the necessary rinsing effect.

The robust inductive sensor is especially qualified for measurements in process solutions with high contamination load.

In connection with the process tensiometer SITA clean line ST the monitoring and dosage of the cleaner components Builder and Tensid are realised.

Measuring principle

The conductivity κ is a substance-specific parameter that is used to determine the dissociate, flexible ions in electrolytic solutions. The conductivity of an electrolyte is dependent on the concentration, the valence and the mobility of the dissolved ions. 

By using calibration substance-specific as well as device-specific conditions are taken into consideration.

Inductive conductivity sensor:
Two coils are coupled by the electrolyte (the liquid functions as coupled conductor loop). The amount of AC voltage that is transferred from coil 1 to coil 2 is dependent on the conductivity of the electrolyte.


For the inline monitoring of the Builder component concentration of a cleaner the conductivity measurement technology can be used in many cases. The picture shows the rorelation of the Builder component and the conductivity using an example.

Based on the analysis of the cleaner that you use and the cleaning process we develop a solution for monitoring and controlling your cleaning process in close consultation with you.


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