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Monitoring the process parameter bath contamination

Reliable and robust

- Objective evaluation of bath contamination - Inline
- Plant component for continuous monitoring of oils and greases in cleaning and rinsing baths
- Fully-automated system including self monitoring
- Control of bath care measures


- Controlled cleaning
- Process-oriented control of bath care
- Documentation of process development
- Cost effectiveness through process optimization


SITA clean line BC brochure

Product description

The Inline measuring technology SITA clean line BC continually monitors the bath contamination of cleaning and rinsing baths. Thus, it is possible to control bath care measures effectively and goal-oriented. Unnecessary rejects due to strong bath contamination resulting in insufficient parts cleanliness are prevented.

As plant component the measuring system can be flexibly adjusted to each individual cleaning technology and detects slight traces of contamination in rinsing baths. Interfaces enable the integration into the plant control for monitoring bath care as well as the integration into quality management systems for complete documentation of the process development.

Upon the basis of a combined analysis of process and plant, SITA application engineers develop optimal and customized SITA clean line system solutions.

Measuring principle

Typical contamination of industrial cleaning baths such as oils and greases fluoresce when excited with ultraviolett light. The measured intensity of the fluorescence radiation increases with the oil and grease concentration. An integrated UV-LED stimulates the excitation of the fluorescence. A photo-diode measures the intensity of the resulting fluorescence radiation.


Monitoring the bath contamination and process oriented controlling of bath care measures.
  • Assurance of parts cleanliness for follow-up processes such as coating, bonding, welding and hardening
  • Economic process management through optimization of bath operation times

Technical data

Measuring module
Measured value Fluorescence intensity
Excitation* 365 nm, max. 150 mW
Detector* 460 nm
Operating voltage
24 V / 4 A
Housing Stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions (WxHxD) 380 x 300 x 160 mm
Weight ca. 10 kg
Acceptable surrounding temperature up to 35 °C
Acceptable liquid temperature
up to 60 °C
Wetted materials
Stainless steel, PTFE, PFA, vitron, quartz glass

Operating voltage 24 V (Binder M12) communication interface Panel PC

Fluidic connections
Sample supply (p = 2...6 bar): G1/4" internal thread
Controller module
Device type Panel PC with touch screen IP65, stainless steel
Operating voltage 24 V / 1 A
Stainless steel 1.4301
Dimensions (WxHxD) 379x282x130 mm
Weight 7 kg
Acceptable surrounding temperature 0 °C to 45 °C

Operating voltage 24 V (Binder M12), 2x Ethernet interface RJ45 IP65, 2x USB inteface

Expandable with interface modules (e.g. current interfaces)

* Default values


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