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SITA Messtechnik GmbH

About SITA

SITA Messtechnik GmbH develops, produces and sells devices for measuring the dynamic surface tension of liquids, fully automatic foam tester for analyzing the foaming behavior of liquids as well as fluorescence measuring technique for controlling the cleanliness of parts and for monitoring the contamination level in process liquids. The measuring devices are robust and very easy to operate with. Furthermore, they are used in research and development laboratories of the chemical industry for analysis and quality assurance tasks and in the field of surface technology for monitoring and controlling processes.

In 1996 SITA Messtechnik GmbH was founded by precision engineers of the University of Technology Dresden at the Technology Center Dresden. The development of the worlds first mobile bubble pressure tensiometer was starting point for a new device generation of tensiometers and the basis for SITA's worldwide economic success at the introduction of the process parameter surface tension on its way from laboratory to process.

SITA is derived from the greek letter SIgma and TheTA - the symbols for surface tension and temperature, two characteristics of liquids - and of course for innovative measuring technology.

SITA Process Solutions

SITA Process Solutions, a business area of SITA Messtechnik GmbH, offers process measuring and controlling technology for monitoring and controlling the cleaning agent concentration, parts cleanliness and bath contamination for ensuring an optimal quality and efficiency. Our customers use customized application solutions of SITA for optimizing the process management in industrial parts cleaning and manufacturing processes.

Company development

2019 Development of the new SITA FoamTester for automatic testing of the foam characteristic of liquids
2019 Market launch of the mobile measuring device SITA SurfaSpector for wettability control using contact angle measurement
2015 Introduction of the SITA FluoScan 3D - Universal system solution for automated cleanliness control
2014 Development of the new laboratory tensiometer SITA science line t100
2012 Development of the mobil hand-held tensiometer SITA DynoTester+for process monitoring and quality control
2010 Market launch of the process measurement technique SITA Clean line CI for monitoring the part cleanliness inline
2009 Development of the fluorescence measuring device SITA ConSpector for monitoring the bath contamination
2007 Development of the fluorescence measuring device SITA CleanoSpector for monitoring the part cleanliness

Development of the tensiometer SITA pro line t15

2005 Development of the process measurement and control technique for automatic cleaning agent dosing
2004 Development of the the smallest and easiest to handle tensiometer SITA DynoTester
2002 Development of the SITA clean line ST for measuring the surface tension inline
2000 Market launch of the SITA foam tester R-2000

Market launch of the bubble pressure tensiometer SITA science line t60

1998 SITA enters the market with the world's first mobile bubble pressure tensiometer SITA online f10.
1996 Foundation of SITA Messtechnik GmbH
Technology Center Dresden

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