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cleanliness inspection

Automated cleanliness inspection with proven fluorescence sensor technology

Cleanliness inspection of three-dimensional parts' surfaces

Surface scan of different parts detecting residual organic contamination within a very short time

Robust Sensor
Reproducible measuring results
Flexible at the process and in the laboratory



SITA FluoScan 3D brochure



Fluorescence intensity in RFU

Fields of application

Cleanliness inspection prior to gluing, painting, coating, welding, hardening, bonding …

Coating thickness inspection oil for rust prevention, primer application before gluing


Detection of oil, grease, cooling lubricant, parting agents, …

on parts and components made of metal, ceramics and glass (limited suitability for plastics)


Contact free, non-destructive, in-line capable, thickness sensitive

Measurement monitoring

SITA Fluorescence standards (standard delivery and option)


Automotive, machine construction, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, electrical engineering, surface engineering, air and space …


Automated inspection of die cast aluminium before bonding

In manufacturing processes of cast parts release agents are used. In follow-up processes such as the bonding of sealing grooves, release agent residues lead to insufficient adhesion of the bonding joint.

By inspecting the cleanliness of a sealing groove via fluorescence measurement, the quality of the bonding joint is ensured.

Inspection of printed circuit boards

To meet the high quality requirements of bonding and soldering processes, pads have to be free of organic contamination. By scanning the pads cleanliness can be controlled and high quality standards are ensured.

Defects can be identified at an early time and thus, rejects and costly system failures can be prevented.

Measuring principle

The measuring method uses the characteristic of organic substances to fluoresce. UV light is focused and radiated onto the surface. The contamination fluoresces. The intensity of the fluores-cence increases with the layer thickness of the contamination. The intensity is measured in RFU: Relative Fluorescence Unit.

The lower the measuring values in RFU, the cleaner the surface.

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The software for SITA FluoScan 3D consists of three individual software components. They are included in the scope of delivery and can be used independently.

Software FluoScan 3D

Comprehensive software for creating individual measuring sequences using Drag&Drop with predesigned functions

Software FluoScan 3D Result Viewer

Software for visualisation and evaluation of measuring data as well as for creating report templates for recurring data evaluation

Possible export of measing data as graphs or tables to Excel or complete reports as pdf-document

Software FluoScan 3D Runner

Execution of measuring sequences and report templates for automated measurement and data evaluation

Technical Data

Fluorescence intensity
Measuring range

(0...2,000) RFU

Max. measuring deviation max. 0.5% of measuring range

Positioning unit

Table surface 850 mm x 750 mm
Traversing range (X-Y plane) 475 mm x 475 mm
Traversing speed up to 120 mm/s
Positioning accuracy < 0.1mm
Stroke (standard) 75 mm (optional e.g. 150mm)
Excitation diode
365 nm, max. 150 mW
Detector 460 nm
Measuring distance (Standard optics)
4.7 mm
Diameter measuring point (Standard optics)
1 mm
Ambient conditions
Acceptable surrounding temperature
(storage / operation)
(-20...60) °C / (10...40) °C
Acceptable ambient conditions rel. humidity < 70 %
General data
Housing (material)
Aluminium frame, visually shielded
Dimensions (WxHxD)
1.22 m x 1.15 m x 2.00 m
approx. 390 kg


Individual accessories for contact-free cleanliness measurment, spacers for various part geometries as well as accessories for device checking and cleaning the sensor optics:

Accessories fluorescence brochure


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