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part cleanliness

Contact-free cleanliness inspection of parts’ surfaces

Das Handmessgerät SITA CleanoSpector eignet sich für die Sauberkeitskontrolle von Bauteilen zur Sicherung der Produktqualität und der nachfolgenden Prozesse wie Kleben, Beschichten, Schweißen, Härten und Bonden.

Störende, filmische Verunreinigungen wie Öle, Fette, Kühlschmierstoffe und Trennmittel werden durch die Messung der Fluoreszenzintensität erfasst.

Der einfach zu bedienende SITA CleanoSpector eignet sich für den Einsatz zur Qualitätssicherung direkt in der Fertigung.

Inspection of parts’ cleanliness at the touch of one button within in few seconds.

Measuring result: lowest and averaged cleanliness per part.
Automatic calibration on a clean reference surface..

Robust sensor – reproducible measuring result – optimal for mobile and flexible use at the process and in the laboratory.


SITA CleanoSpector brochure


fluorescence measuring device SITA CleanoSpector

Measuring principle

The SITA CleanoSpector detects contamination due to their fluorescence which is excited by a light emitting diode (LED) with light in an ultraviolet range. The fluorescence intensity depends on the amount of contamination at the measuring point. A photodiode in the sensor head of the SITA CleanoSpector measures the intensity of the fluorescence.

The SITA CleanoSpector is based on the confocal measuring principle. This measuring principle guarantees a high sensitivity towards slight traces of contamination comparable with huge laboratory systems. The sensor head can be easily positioned. With non-contact measurement, ambient light is automatically detected and compensated.

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The main application field of the SITA CleanoSpector is controlling the cleanliness of parts. The objective is to ensure a high cleaning quality. Subsequent manufacturing processes such as coating, bonding, welding and mounting require sufficient parts cleanliness in order to obtain a high product quality.

The picture show an evaluation model as it can be used for the cleanliness control. Contamination-free parts have a cleanliness of 100 % and correspond to the clean surface of the reference part used for calibration. The limit values for a sufficient cleanliness are determined by clean and poorly cleaned parts out off the manufacturing process. Heavy contaminated parts refer to a cleanliness value of 0 %.

Application examples SITA CleanoSpector for cleanliness inspection:

- Shafts of automobile piston after cleaning - slightest residual contamination of oils, greases or surfactants decrease the adhesive strength before printing the protection layer
- Pistons for hydraulic pumps before hardening - residual contamination have an influence on the steel quality in the hardening furnace
- Stainless steel pipes before coating (vehicle construction)
- Gear case parts before coating or bonding
- Fluxing agent residues on bond pads made of gold on ceramic substrates
- Medical instruments and implants before delivering to the user
- Cleanliness of parts before vacuum or powder coating

Another application is controlling the layer thickness of anticorrosive agents, oils, waxes or bonding agents.

For your security

Our application engineers advise you, if you can use the SITA CleanoSpector for application and how to. We measure your samples and develop an appropriate controlling procedure together with you.

Result: The SITA CleanoSpector optimally supports you for your application.

Here you can find further application examples [..]

    Technical data

    Cleanliness / Fluorescence Intensity
    Measuring range (0...100) % / (0...2,000) RFU*
    Max. measuring deviation 0.5 % of measuring range
    Current Supply
    Mains adapter 5 V/500 mA (USB)
    Battery (Lion, integrated) 3.6 V/1,950 mAh
    Max. power consumption 2.5 W
    Excitation diode 365 nm, max. 150 mW
    Interface, Display, Memory
    USB interface Data transfer, power supply & charging of battery
    Display LCD, 128 x 64 Pixel,

    permanent: measuring parameter / data
    255 profiles, 8191 readings per profile

    Ambient conditions
    Acceptable ambient temperature (storage / operation) (-20...60) °C / (10...40) °C
    acceptable ambient conditions rel. humidity < 70 %,
    air pressure (300...1,060) hPa
    Housing, Dimensios, Weight
    Housing Aluminium, IP 51
    Dimensions (WxHxD)
    Basic Unit
    Sensor head

    129x82x48 in mm
    100x50x30 in mm
    Weight of instrument 530 g

    * RFU - Relative Fluorescence Unit of SITA-Fluorescence standard


    The Windows-Software SITA-ProcessLog allows an easy control of all functions of the SITA CleanoSpector with the PC as well as a comfortable management of the saved measuring data.


    Management and graphical analysis of saved measuring data
    Documentation and evaluation of the process and products‘ characteristics
    Simple and easy preparation of measuring reports
    Controlling the measurement via PC in the laboratory
    Simple generation of concentration curves based on defined samples


    Individuelles Zubehör für die berührungslose Messung der Teileauflage, Abstandshalter für verschiedenste Teilegeometrien, zur Geräteprüfung sowie zur Reinigung der Sensoroptik finden Sie hier:

    Prospekt Zubehör Fluoreszenz



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