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bath contamination

Easy control of contamination level in cleaning and rinsing baths

SITA ConSpector

Evaluation of bath conditions depending on parts flow or bath operation time. Determination of bath contamination through fluorescence measurement.

Start of measurement at the touch of one button and display of measuring result within a few seconds.

Mobile and hand-held measuring device to be used directly at the plant or in the laboratory. Efficient bath management through an optimization of the bath operation time.



Fluorescence intensity in RFU

Fields of application

Contamination control in cleaning and rinsing baths of aqueous or solvent cleaning

Corrosion protection control, controlling corrosion protection/oil content in preservation baths of solvent cleaning


Detection of organic contamination such as oil, grease, cooling lubricant, parting agents, … in aqueous media and solvents


Robuste hand-held measuring device with immersion probe oa automated inline measurement in flow-through processes

Measurement monitoring

SITA Fluorescence standards


Automotive, machine construction, mechanical engineering, medical engineering, electrical engineering, surface engineering, air and space …


Removing contamination off cleaning and rinsing bath in the industrial part cleaning industry ensures a long bath operation time and high parts cleanliness. The SITA ConSpector can measure the bath contamination in cleaning and rinsing baths at the plant or in the laboratory. The measuring result is available within a few seconds.

Sudden process disturbances such as the breakdown of the filter unit or a high increase of the contamination level in the bath can be immediately identified and resolved at the same time. Cleaning bath treatment measures can be carried out and controlled according to the application. The cleaning process can be carried out within allowed limit values leading to a reliable cleaning result. Controlling the rinsing steps with regard to the carry-over effect of contamination or cleaning chemicals avoids a further contamination of parts.

Examples for detectable contamination:

  • Cooling lubricants
  • Rolling oil
  • Grease
  • Deep drawing oils
  • Release agents


Here you can find further application examples [..]

Measuring principle

The fluorescence of the bath contamination (e.g. oil drop) is excited by a UV light source. A photodiode in the sensor head of the SITA ConSpector measures the intensity of the radiation emitted by the fluorescence at a defined wave length in the blue light spectrum. The strength of the fluorescence depends on the contamination level per volume.

The SITA ConSpector works on the confocal measuring principle. The excitation light and the light emitted by the fluorescence follow the same parallel ray path. The measurement of the contamination level can be easily realised by immersing the remote immersion probe into the bath sample.

Further information [..]


Technical data

Contamination level / Fluorescence intensity
Measuring range 1...40,000 / (1 ... 40,000) RFU*
Max. measuring deviation 0.5 % of measuring range
Measuring range user defined
Liquid temperature
Measuring range (0...100) °C
Max. measuring deviation 0.5 °C
Excitation 365 nm, max. 150 mW
Detection* 460 nm
Power Supply
Mains adapter/USB 100...240 V / 5 V
Li-Ion-battery 3.6 V/1,950 mAh, min. 8 h operating hours
Power consumption max. 2,5 W
General data
USB-interface Data transfer
Display LCD, illuminated
Measuring profiles 254
Memory 8,000 measuring values per profile
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Basic Unit
Sensor head

129x82x48 in mm
142x50x30 in mm
Weight (device) 530 g

* RFU - Relative Fluorescence Unit of SITA-Fluorescence standard


The Windows-Software SITA-ProcessLog allows an easy control of all functions of the SITA CleanoSpector with the PC as well as a comfortable management of the saved measuring data.

Documentation and evaluation of the bath contamination
Administration and analysis of saved measuring values
Quick and easy preparation of test reports
Controlling the measurement via PC

Simple generation and administration of measuring profiles


Cleaning Kit

Complete equipment for cleaning of the sensor optics:

box contains: Rubber blower with compressor, 3 bottles with cleaning liquids, 50 microfibre tissues, 100 cotton sticks hard and soft, operating instruction

Calibration standards

Set of calibration standards for calibration and verification of the device

- Calibration standard C0: no fluorescence

- Calibration standard C1: defined fluorescence


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