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10.08.2022 16:14

15 Years SITA Fluorescence Measuring Devices

15 Years Fluorescence Measuring Devices of SITA Messtechnik GmbH – 15 Years of Cleanliness Control of Parts Surfaces

Creating quality through controlled parts cleanliness - SITA Messtechnik GmbH is celebrating its 15th anniversary in fluorescence measurement technology this year. During this time SITA has solidified its position as an innovative pioneer and global market leader for quality assurance in component cleaning.

As cleanliness requirements in industrial parts manufacturing have risen sharply in recent years, the demand for practicable solutions for quality-assuring process control has also increased. This is reflected in more than 1,600 fluorescence measuring devices SITA has sold in 64 countries worldwide since 2007.

15 Year Fluorescence

Reliably detect filmic filmic contamination

Clean surfaces are the necessary prerequisite for high and stable quality in coatings, adhesive and welded joints. If components such as gears, steel shafts, valves, contacts or bond pads are not or insufficiently inspected for film residues, residual dirt can cause cost-intensive reworking, product complaints and even order losses.

To prevent this, users from the automotive industry, medical technology, battery production, mechanical engineering, aerospace, the metalworking industry or semiconductor production, rely on quality control with the aid of fluorescence measuring devices.

Fluorescence measuring devices measure the fluorescence that occurs after the absorption of short-wave light in the ultraviolet range and offer a precise measuring technique for the non-contact, non-destructive and layer-thickness-sensitive detection of numerous organic substances found on components. Substances such as greases, oils, release agents or lubricants can be detected in terms of quantity and position via fluorescence measurement.

From the first mobile measuring device to the automated manufacturing solution

In 2007 SITA rolled out their first fluorescence measuring device for detecting residual contamination on parts - the SITA CleanoSpector. It gave the possibility to test the cleanliness of parts surfaces for the first time within a few seconds and in an objective and repeatable manner without the influence of ambient light.

The second generation of the handheld measuring device introduced the measured variable fluorescence intensity in relation to specifically developed fluorescence standards in 2009. The measuring range was enlarged significantly, fluorescence standards were defined and a device storage was added.

A further extensive product update was realised in 2019 and included hardware modifications for a faster measurement and for a more comfortable operability as well as helpful accessories for numerous applications.


SITA CleanoSpector

2010 saw the market launch of the SITA clean line CI for inline inspection of parts contamination in the manufacturing process. Based on the same measuring principle as the hand-held measuring device it ensured one hundred percent inspection of components. The modularity of the inline measurement technology based on real-time capable industrial PCs offered easy adaptation to customer-specific requirements, for example in combination with robotics.

Equipped with one or multiple sensors and suitable for line or surface scans, the device is used to check the cleanliness of complex, three-dimensional surfaces.

To close the gap between mobile and inline measuring systems, SITA developed the SITA FluoScan 3D in 2015 as a highly automated production-accompanying inspection system. It is used for the automatic inspection of geometrically diverse, three-dimensional components and is based on an inline fluorescence sensor that is positioned quickly and precisely via a three-axis positioning unit.

The measuring system is able to inspect large surfaces with high spatial resolution in short time. Using multi-part scanning, several components can be inspected automatically in just one measuring run. Other features include the configuration of individual measurement sequences, autonomous part recognition through an integrated barcode scanner, the visualisation of large amounts of data and a toolbox for creating report templates for automatic reporting.


With the use of digital sensors, the measuring variable fluorescence intensity was introduced in relation to specially developed fluorescence standards. The fluorescence intensity is measured in RFU (Relative Fluorescence Unit)

The SITA fluorescence standards ensure worldwide comparability of sensors calibration across devices and easy handling for fast device check on site.

Fluorescence Intensity

The definition of process-specific limit values for sufficient parts cleanliness and continuous cleanliness inspection enable quality control in parts cleaning and ensure high and stable quality in the process chain.

Driving innovation in fluorescence measurement technology for 15 years

Since the first device delivery, products have been continuously developed, also thanks to close cooperation with customers. Depending on the field of application and requirements, SITA offers a product range that includes mobile handheld measuring devices and automated production solutions. Configurable as well as specially developed software and comprehensive user support, allow SITA’s devices to be used as customized solutions for quality-assuring and economical process control in industrial production.


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