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11.01.2016 13:26

PFOS-free wetting agents in electroplating baths

For many years PFOS-surfactants, which are very consistent but also harmful to the environment have been used in electroplating processes.

PFOS-surfactants lower the surface tension, which results in a well wetted material surface. At the same time they reduce adhering gas bubbles which minimises the emission of poisonous aerosols. However, the generated foam layer also causes high carry-over and contamination of the plant. In addition, PFOS-surfactants are hardly soluble and form pores on the material surface when overdosed.

PFOS-surfactants are environmentally persistent and dangerous; thus, usage is now prohibited and only permitted in exceptional cases.

The newly developed PFOS-free alternatives help to reduce previous restrictions for the application of wetting agents. They also combine a very good solubility and high stability with a simple concentration measurement by measuring the surface tension.


Within a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the PFOS-free wetting agents, one of the leading global chemical suppliers, Enthone GmbH, highly recommends the SITA DynoTester+ to determine the surface tension.

The robust and lightweight hand-held tensiometer convinces by its flexible and easy application and high reproducibility of the results.

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