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17.03.2015 09:29

+++New+++ SITA science line t100 - High-Performance Laboratory Tensiometer

The SITA science line t100 is especially developed for R&D in laboratories and for quality control of products with surface active substances.

The tensiometer measure the dynamic surface tension of liquids within a large bubble lifetime range from 15 ms (highly dynamic) up to 100,000 ms (quasi-static). Three different measuring modes (Single, Auto, Online) enable simple adaption to various measuring tasks.

Due to intuitive operation, an integrated battery and the robust set-up the tensiometer is ideal for mobile and flexible laboratory use.


Measuring principle

Measuring the dynamic surface tension with the SITA bubble pressure method enables high precision and flexibility without difficult adjustment of the immersion depth. This is done by pumping air through a capillary into the liquid to be analyzed. The pressure within the bubble chances continuously with its radius. The surface tension is calculated from the deviation between pressure maximum and minimum.

The calibration is carried out automatically with water. Thereby, the radius of the capillary is taken into account.


Windows-Software SITA-LabSolution

In combination with the new Windows-Software SITA-LabSolution a wide range of laboratory devices can be controlled comfortably and thus, laboratory measurements are optimally automated.

The optional Windows-Software SITA-LabSolution enables comfortable access to all functions of the tensiometer and efficient preparation of experiments. The report function is used for creating measurement protocols and reports.


For more information SITA science line t100 please click here.


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