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25.07.2012 10:18

New hand-held Tensiometer SITA DynoTester+

The new DynoTester+ easily and quickly measures the concentration of surfactants and wetting agents in the laboratory or at the process.

The measurement starts directly after pressing the start button. The mobile device shows the surfactant concentration directly on its comfortable display and raises alarm when defined limit values cannot be reached.

A PC or notebook is not required. The measuring values can easily be saved and evaluated by using the comfortable Windows-Software SITA-ProcessLog.


Process Parameter - Surface Tension

The DynoTester+ measures the dynamic surface tension based on bubble pressure method. A patented capillary generates air bubbles in the liquid. Active surfactants adsorb to the surface of the air bubbles and reduce their surface tension. Based on this measuring value and with the help of a user-defined reference function, the device finally calculates the surfactant concentration.

An automatic calibration of the bubble pressure tensiometer is done with tap water (free of surfactants). The robust device construction ensures a reliable use in production.

The new device has an extended bubble lifetime range (surface age) from 15 ms to 20,000 ms in order to measure high surfactant concentrations in cleaning baths and low concentrations in rinsing baths respectively.


Further information about the DynoTester+ [...]


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