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20.02.2020 13:18

SITA celebrates distributor anniversaries

The international success of SITA Messtechnik GmbH is to a very large extent due to the worldwide spread distributor network. For many years we are connected to our international partners by a intensive business relationship as well as by a special and meaningful friendship.

Thus, with honour and joy we celebrated not only one but five anniversaries over the past year.

Especially important to us was our Dutch distributor Technex b.v. Mr. Doeke-Jan van der Meulen, fondly called DJ, was the first distributor to represent and support SITA abbroad. We have been working with him for over 20 years now.

10 years anniversary and sucessful partnership we celebrate with the following distributors

    • Scangaule, Mr. Christophe Hellman, France
      • Ng Labtec Srl, Mr. Norberto Guerra, Italy
        • H.J. Unkel Ltd. Gruppe, China

          • NextCo Group, Mr. Gabriel Salazar, Mexico

            We thank all our distributors for the continued support and trusting cooperation and look forward to the next years!


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