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23.06.2017 10:00

SITA International - Vietnam

For the 2nd time our Vietnamese distributor NGUYEN QUYNH ANH Equipment & Chemicals took part in the Coatings Expo Vietnam. The International Exhibition and Conference on Coatings and Printing Ink Industry attracted numerous visitors to Ho-Chi-Minh-City in June of this year in order to get informed on surface treatment products and innovations.

SITA presented their worldwide established hand-meld measuring devices for cleanliness inspection on parts' surfaces and for measuring the surface tension of liquids.

Visitors were especially interested in the SITA DynoTester+. The mobile tensiometer measures the surface tension as well as the surfactant concentration easily and quickly in the laboratory and at the production line. The measuring device is characterised by its accuracy, the intuitive operation and its operational flexibility.

Impressions of the Coatings Expo Vietnam 2017:


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