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31.03.2017 09:00

First successful SITA workshop 2017

The SITA workshop "Monitoring and controlling of cleaning processes" offers customers and interested parties the possibility to get to know and test the SITA devices.

The major focus of the workshop is on the knowledge transfer for optimal process management in industrial parts cleaning by measuring the cleaning agent concentration, inspecting the parts cleanliness and monitoring the bath contamination.

The first workshop took already place on 15th March of this year. In different lectures and workshops the 20 participants learnt how to improve and optimize the efficiency of their processes. They also got to know the measuring methods and devices for bath and parts control as well as their beneficial use.

Together with the participants SITA experts carried out a first process analysis using samples of cleaning baths as well as manufacturing sample parts and provided advice for possible process management improvements.

The feedback of the participants on the workshop was very positive. Further dates for the workshop are the 21st September and the 29th November 2017.

If you are interested in our workshop materials dont hesitate to contact us.



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