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Monitoring of wetting characteristics of etchants and developers

Etchant solutions and developers respectively contain surface active agents for reducing the surface tension in order to ensure a complete wetting of the wafer's surface. A reduction of the surface tension is required for an even wetting of all wafer structures.

Especially the time dependent wetting behaviour is essential for receiving a high homogeneity.

Common measuring methods such as plate or ring method are not suitable for this purpose because those methods only allow measuring the static surface tension and not the needed dynamic surface tension. Furthermore, measuring devices used for static measuring methods have to be cleaned in a very complex way after every measurement.

SITA Tensiometers are based on the bubble pressure method and allow measuring the surface tension from a highly dynamic up to a quasistatic surface tension range. Thus, significant measuring results regarding the wetting ability of solutions and their time dependent behaviour can be received.

SITA pro line t15

Atline-Control of Surfactant Concentration

The SITA pro line t15 is recommended especially for quality control tasks which can take dynamic surface tension measurements quickly and on-site for further comparisons with predetermined required target values. Thus, the wetting behaviour of solutions and their time dependent behaviour can be controlled and evaluated very quickly.

Further information about atline-measurement at the process […]

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