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Monitoring and controlling wafer cleaning processes

After wafers are sawed or cut, their surfaces are contaminated with particles and cutting additives, such as the so-called slurry. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the wafers before further treatments can be processed. Stable conditions of the cleaning agent components are necessary to achieve a high cleanliness level.

The cleaning agent components consume themselves at different rates through a different binding of contamination and carry-over during the cleaning process. Continual monitoring and application-specific dosing of cleaning agent components are needed to achieve high process reliability and part cleanliness.

We offer customized solutions adapted to your cleaning process for continual monitoring and automatic, application-specific dosing of cleaning agent components.


The picture shows the relationship between the cleanliness of wafer surfaces and the surfactant concentration, which can be easily determined and dosed-up by measuring the surface tension.


Atline-Monitoring of Surfactant Concentration

The robust and lightweight hand-held tensiometer, DynoTester+, is well-suited for a flexible atline monitoring. The DynoTester+ quickly takes measurements on-site at the plant and recognizes concentration deviations. In this way, the concentration of washing-active surfactants and the amount of the surfactant component which needs to be added, can be quickly and easy determined.

Further information about atline-measurements at the process [...]

SITA clean line ST

Inline-Measurement of Surfactant Concentration

The process tensiometer, the SITA clean line ST, allows a continual and automatic surface tension measurement for an automatic dosing of surfactant components. This can be realized flexibly either through an integration of the measurement system into the plan control system or by using the SITA clean line CC’s central control unit.

Further information about inline-measurement in the process [...]


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