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SITA is your competent partner in monitoring and controlling the concentration of surfactants, cleaning agents and contamination levels in process baths of surface technology, as well as in the inspection of part cleanliness. SITA Process Solutions offers products and solutions for an optimal process management in different applications of surface technology, such as:

    Industrial Parts Cleaning - Liquids & Media

    Monitoring and control of cleaning and rinsing baths regarding cleaner concentration and bath contamination

    Industrial Parts Cleaning - Surfaces & Parts

    Inspection of cleanliness and wettability of surfaces after cleaning and activation

    Cleanliness inspection of parts regarding filmic contamination

    Layer thickness inspection when applying corrosion protection oils or primer

    Semiconductor Technology

    Monitoring the wetting agent/surfactant concentration in etching, developer and cleaning solutions in semiconductor manufacturing


    Monitoring the surfactant concentration of cleaning baths and the IPS concentarion in the texturing bath

    Electroplating Industry

    Monitoring the wetting agent/surfactant concentration in electroplating baths and when changing to PFOS-free wetting agents

    Are you interested in our solutions or would you like to optimize your process? Please contact us! Our experts look forward to work with you!


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