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Inspection of part cleanliness at the process

Clean surfaces are one of the most important features of high quality products. Surface treatments and coating processes require sufficient part cleanliness. A simple detection of contamination on parts in the manufacturing process is essential for economical production.

The fluorescence-measuring device, the SITA CleanoSpector, facilitates fast and simple inspection of part cleanliness, therefore allowing parameter deviations and plant errors to be determined and solved within a short time. Quality deficiencies caused by insufficient part cleanliness are minimized, thus guaranteeing high quality results and economical production.


The diagram shows the part cleanliness before printing in comparison to the calibration part which was intensively cleaned in the laboratory and corresponds to a cleanliness value of 100%. The limit value for sufficiently cleaned parts is 90% in this example.

SITA CleanoSpector

Atline-Inspection of Part Cleanliness

The robust and easy-to-use fluorescence-measuring device, the SITA CleanoSpector, is especially recommended for flexible atline inspection of part cleanliness. With the SITA CleanoSpector you can quickly carry out measurements on site and at the plant to evaluate the parts cleanliness. Thus the device operator can determine current cleanliness values and immediately react in case of occurring deviations.


Further information about atline applications at the process [...]

Would you like to monitor your part cleanliness continually and thus increase your process reliability? You can benefit from our many years of experience. We show you the advantages of the cleanliness inspection of your parts by carrying out a first analysis for you free of charge. Please contact us!


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