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Laser stripping of the insulation of copper wires (hairpins)

Use of fluorescence measurement in the design, optimization and quality control of hairpin skinning in electric motor production.

The increasing use of electric drives in the automotive sector (e-mobility) leads to innovations in manufacturing processes. In order to produce highly efficient electric motors at low cost, rectangular copper wires (hairpins) are used which are electrically and mechanically connected by laser welding. For this purpose, the electrical insulation of the copper wires must be stripped on the surfaces to be joined. Residues of the insulation lead to pores during welding and thus to quality problems.

The hand-held measuring device SITA CleanoSpector is used to detect insulation residues on the stripped surfaces. Within the scope of the process design, the fluorescence measurement is used to determine the optimal laser parameters for the decoating in order to achieve a good decoating quality at the lowest possible cycle time. In the production the SITA CleanoSpector is used for spot checks to monitor the quality of the decoating of the hairpins and to prevent quality problems in the following welding process and in the manufactured electric motors.

Cleaniness inspection of the Hairpins using the SITA CleanoSpector

Results of the fluorescence measurement with different parameters of stripped hairpins

The high degree of automation of production lines often leads to the requirement to provide a fully automatic inline inspection system in series production. This is where the SITA clean line CI comes into play. The copper wires move continuously through the production line as continuous material. After the laser stripping station, the decoated surfaces are checked for cleanliness with the SITA clean line CI in motion without loss of cycle time before the copper wires are cut down to length and bent into shape in the next station for later welding.

The hand-held measuring device SITA CleanoSpector is highly suited for cleanliness inspection of parts to assure product quality as well as follow-up processes such as adhesive bonding, coating, welding, hardening and bonding.

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