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Inspecting and monitoring the surfactant component of a cleaning agent

A cleaning agent for industrial, aqueous cleaning processes consists of builder and surfactant components. The cleaning process causes both components concentrations to be used up differently due to different absorption of contamination particles and the carry-over effect. Dosing according to the consumption is necessary for ensuring high process reliability.

Measuring surface tension with the bubble pressure method is the most effective way of inspecting washing active surfactants.

The following image shows the correlation between surfactant concentration and surface tension. Application-specific dosages of surfactant components are made possible by determining the limit and target values related to an individual cleaning process.

In order to monitor surfactant concentrations in your specific process, we offer technical solutions ranging from offline monitoring to continual inline surface tension measurements.


Atline-Monitoring of Surfactant Concentration

For flexible, atline monitoring, we recommend the robust and lightweight hand-held tensiometer, DynoTester+, which can take measurements quickly and on-site, thus identifying measuring deviations immediately. The DynoTester+ allows an easy and quick determination of the concentration of washing active agents and the amount of the additional surfactant component.


Further information about atline-measurement [...]

SITA clean line ST

Inline-Measurement of Surfactant Concentration

A continual and automatic measurement of surface tension is possible by using the process measuring tensiomter SITA clean line ST. Implementing the measurement technology in the plant control system or using the central control unit SITA clean line CC makes it easy to carry out an automatic dosage of the surfactant component according to the consumption.

Further information about inline-measurement during processing…

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