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Controlling of bath care actions by monitoring the bath contamination

An increasing contamination level in cleaning baths leads to a less stabilization of contamination by the cleaning agent solution in this cleaning bath. Thus, the contamination is carried over in subsequent rinsing baths and the parts cleanliness will decrease. The cleaning agent components are bound to the contamination and are not able anymore to support the actual cleaning process.

In order to ensure high process reliability, contamination must be regularly removed off the cleaning bath. Bath care actions can be carried out for example by using of settling tanks, coalescence separators, separators or membrane filters and evaporators. Their effectiveness and proper functioning can be maintained through a quick and easy inspection of bath contamination.


If the amount of contamination exceeds the filter capacity, an increased contamination level will be determined immediately. By controlling the contamination level directly after filtration can ensure the functioning and effectiveness of the filter.

The image shows the bath contamination of a bath lifetime over two weeks. It can be clearly seen that the contamination level increases during the production. Bath care actions lead to a reduction of bath contamination. If a certain limit value in the cleaning bath has been reached, a fresh cleaning bath solution should be prepared.

SITA ConSpector

Atline-Inspection of Bath Contamination

For flexible, atline monitoring of bath contamination, we recommend the robust fluorescence-measuring device SITA ConSpector which can take measurement quickly and on-site, thus allowing a comparison between received measuring values and limit values. This makes it possible to easily and efficiently determine the bath contamination and the optimum time for fresh prepared cleaning bath or bath care actions.

Further information about atline-measurement at the process […]

Would you like to know the optimal time to replace your cleaning bath? Benefit from our many years of experience. We analyze the current condition of your cleaning bath and show the advantages of controlling the contamination level in cleaning baths by carrying out a first analysis for you free of charge.  Please contact us!


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