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Automatic dosing of cleaning agents according to the consumption

The cleaning agent used in industrial, aqueous cleaning processes consists of a builder and surfactant component. The cleaning process causes both components concentrations to be used up differently due to different absorption of contamination particles and the carry-over effect.

A continual monitoring and dosing of cleaning agent according to the consumption is necessary to achieve high process reliability and optimal part cleanliness.

We offer individually developed solutions that fit your cleaning process for a continuous monitoring and automatic dosing of cleaning agent components according to the consumption.


The measuring system has a modular structure, thus allowing a flexible adaptation to your cleaning process. After analyzing your cleaning agent and process management, we will work together with you to determine your target and limit values, as well as parameters for the dosing of cleaning agent components.

SITA clean line ST

Inline-Measurement of Surfactant Concentration

A continual and automatic measurement of surface tension is possible by using the process measuring tensiomter SITA clean line ST. Implementing the measurement technology in the plant control system or using the central control unit SITA clean line CC makes it easy to carry out an automatic dosage of the surfactant component according to the consumption.

Further information about inline-measurement in the process [...]


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