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Monitoring the surfactant concentration in electroplating nickel baths

Wetting agents, so called surfactants are used in electroplating nickel baths in order to ensure a complete wetting of parts surfaces and to avoid the development of pores due to adherent hydrogen bubbles.

Surfactants are also used as additives to obtain a glossy surface and for controlling physical coating characteristics such as ductility and hardness. Nevertheless, surfactants can also have a negative influence on the coating characteristics as well. An overdose of surfactants can cause an unwanted foam development on the bath's surface.

Therefore, monitoring the surfactant's concentration is essential for an increased process reliability and quality control in order to ensure a dosing up of surfactants according to the consumption. The process parameter wetting agent concentration can be kept between two predefined limit values ensuring a high quality of the electroplating coatings.

SITA DynoTester+

Atline-Monitoring of Surfactant Concentration

For flexible, atline monitoring, we recommend the robust and lightweight hand-held Tensiometer SITA DynoTester+ which can take measurements quickly and on-site, thus allowing a comparison between received measuring values and target values. The measuring device allows an easy and quick control of the wetting agent concentration.

Further information about atline-measurment at the process [...]


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