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Monitoring perfluorinated surfactants in chromium-plating processes

In chromium-plating processes it is preferred to use electrolytes containing a hexavalent chromium compound. During the electrolysis along with the deposition of chromium-metal, those electrolytes produce unavoidable hexavalent chromium aerosols.

The policy 2006/122/EG of the European Parliament and Council from 12 December 2006 stipulates that the consumption of perfluorooctane sulfonates (PFOS) has to be reduced to a minimum by using the best possible technologies.

As requested, the use of chromium bath surfactants can be reduced to a minimum by controlling the surface tension. Thus, it is possible to protect the environment of concerned employees and ensures the efficiency of chromium-plating processes.


SITA DynoTester+

Atline-Monitoring of Surfactant Concentration

For flexible, atline monitoring, we recommend the robust and lightweight hand-held Tensiometer SITA DynoTester+ which can take measurements quickly and on-site, thus allowing a comparison between received measuring values and target values. The measuring device allows an easy and quick control of the wetting agent concentration.

Further information about atline-measurement at the process [...]


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